Arcadia hosts championship parade for state champs

Arcadia hosts championship parade for state champs

ARCADIA, LA (KSLA) - They went south, they saw and they conquered. Both Arcadia basketball teams brought home Class 1A  state championships this month.

Thursday, they got a champion's treatment in a championship parade through downtown Arcadia.

Former Arcadia guard, Nicky Weaver, said, "Its really about the best thing to happen to the town the community as a whole, the team has unified the girls and boys as well as the football team earlier in the school year. The way that the girls and the boys have performed over the course of the year we can be nothing but proud of them."

Former Arcadia High teacher, Gussie Mason said, "So we are very proud of them the whole Arcadia, you can see the crowd here that we are proud of them."

Mayor Eugene Smith, added, "The boys and girls have made Arcadia make the news because any time two teams from the same school can be state champions that's great and it helps the community."

Girl's head basketball coach Ruby Qualls, said, "It really does it brings the community together that's one of the good things I'll say about it Arcadia is that way anyway we are a close knit group and it was awesome for the both of us."

Boys head basketball coach Marcus Jackson, said, "For the community to get together and celebrate the boys and girls state championship I think this is historic and I'm glad the community is standing behind us."

Arcadia High Principal, Jeffery Sampson, said, "I think this is a championship not only for the Arcadia High School this is a championship for Arcadia period."

Then there will be another parade on Saturday in Arcadia, starting at the old Crawford High School at 6:00 p.m.

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