Keithville residents rescued from rising waters

Keithville residents rescued from rising waters

KEITHVILLE, LA (KSLA) - The Caddo Sheriff's office and the National Guard spent Thursday morning rescuing people stranded by flooded roads like Riding Club Lane in Keithville. 
Keithville resident Mary Gay was stranded, watching the water creep closer and closer.

"Thank God, I'm alive," said Mary Gay.

"You know, I'm a senior citizen, I'm old, I've got a lot of medical problems, that is what scared me to death," said Gay and explained she is grateful sheriff's deputies reached her by boat to take her to safety.

"They were so gentle and they helped me in the boat, they walked me out," she said.

Mary worries about what her house will look like when she is able to go back.

"It is just a nightmare, I had just remodeled my house, just put all my retirement in," she said. "I'm 66 years old, I have no more retirement."

While many people like Mary were trying to leave the flooded area, one family bought an inflatable raft in an attempt to get back to their home. Their home at the time, had luckily not flooded, but with the roads now lakes, this raft will be their only way in or out until the water recedes.

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