Floodwaters consume some Minden homes

Floodwaters consume some Minden homes
Wood Street flooding in Minden

MINDEN, LA (KSLA) - Nearly a dozen homes had to be evacuated after the waters in Minden started to rise, but some residents say the help came too late.

"It has never been this bad before," said Terika Walker, a flood victim.

An unexpected Wednesday for many living on Wood Street in Minden, thanks to the past two days of heavy rain in the ArkLaTex.

The homeowner here tells us more than a foot of water began flooding her home before dawn Wednesday morning.

"My aunt spent about 45 minutes blowing her horn so people could wake up and come out to see what was going on," said Walker.

Terika Walker said many items in her aunts home were destroyed by the flood water, Terika and other residents along Wood Street say among their concerns now is why there was no help from Minden City Officials when evacuations were needed.

"No one would come the police was called to come to just notify people to wake them up so they cold evacuate but no one came so basically it is just the neighbors family and friends trying to do what we can do to salvage something," said Walker.

While we were there,  Minden City Council woman Fayrine Kennon-Gilbert arrived.

"Well that is what we are trying to get on top of now and like I said I'm trying to do what i can to try and help people save as much as they can," said Kennon-Gilbert.

"We expect the city to do what they need to do so we don't have to go through this again you know this makes no sense," said Walker.

By mid afternoon, at least 12 homes were damaged by flood waters and that number could increase depending on the amount of rain the area receives over the next few days.

"There is nothing we can do about it but have insurance and hope for the best," said James Coleman, a flood victim.

One long time resident told us he has lived on Wood Street for 30 years and according to him this is the third time the area has flooded, and this time was the worst.

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