Family narrowly escapes getting crushed by a tree

Family narrowly escapes getting crushed by a tree

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) - Tuesday's storms wreaked havoc around the ArkLaTex for many in the form of flash flooding, but for one Shreveport family it was a tree that came crashing into their home that left them scrambling for their lives.

Around 11 p.m., the newly-married Kendrick and Rhontoney Macon were in bed with their kids across the hall when they felt the house begin to shake and heard a loud creaking noise.

The next thing the couple remembers is a tree coming through the roof of their Quinton St. home.

"The house started shaking and it started shaking real real hard. I've never been in an earthquake, but this is what it felt like. Next thing I know, the foundation started to crack, and he pushed me on to the floor. Then he dove on top of me," says Rhontoney Macon.

As soon as the tree came crashing down, Kendrick rushed to get his kids from across the hall.

The family says that they have lost everything. Their clothes are trapped in dressers underneath the tree and the inside of the home is ruined.

"The whole house is caved in. There's saving nothing out of there," says Kendrick

The family says just minutes before the tree came crashing in they were discussing getting renter's insurance on their home.

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