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"Does It Work?"-3/29/05

Scoop 'n Strain and Grip 'n Flip: "Does It Work?"

It's two great products in one box. Actually it's three, but we've already tested the 6 in 1 Kitchen Utensil, it got a "yes" by the way.

According to TV Personality and Food Expert, Cathy Mitchell, the Grip 'n Flip and Scoop 'n Strain are supposed to transform the way you prepare, cook and serve food. We couldn't coax Cathy into coming on "Does It Work?," but we do have the next best thing, our own local red head in the kitchen, Carol Biggs, to help us test it out.

We started with the Scoop 'n Strain and a big bowl of soup. You're supposed to be able to scoop out a bowl with lots of broth and vegetables or a bowl with just veggies. The trick is the strainer on one side of the Scoop 'n Strain's ladle.

It worked. We were able to serve up two very different bowls of soup with the same ladle. One was chunky. The other was an equal serving of broth and vegetables.

On to the Grip 'n Flip. The bottom side of this spatula-like tool looks just like a spatula. The top side is a dual-forked gripper. We cooked several hot dogs. Instead of chasing them around the pan, we were able to grip them and move them easily onto a plate. We fried an egg, and the forked side of the spatula straddled the yolk for an easy over-easy egg.

The Scoop 'n Strain and the Grip 'n Flip. "Does It Work?" We give it a "yes."

We paid $9.99 for all three at Walgreen's.

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