History-making disposal set to start soon at Camp Minden

History making disposal set to start soon

CAMP MINDEN, LA (KSLA) - It's being called a history-making disposal process. According to Explosives Services, it's the largest disposal of explosives in the history of the world to be done at one time.

The burn chamber should be running full scale test by mid- April and if the environmental protection agency and Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality gives the okay. The disposal of millions of pounds of M-6 will get underway in May.

"It's actually 9 month of actual disposal time, this working 24/7 and not having too many weather days, we are set up to work around the weather days except lightening," said project manager Dean Schellhase.

The plan is to dispose of 800 pounds at a time, each cycle lasting about twenty minutes. At full capacity 880 pounds will be disposed of in one cycle.

The chamber was built in just 8 months, and we're told typically a chamber of the size that will be used takes around two years to build.

Explosives Services International says there is a risk involved with transporting the explosives to the chamber because of the expired shelf life, but they are confident the job can be done safely and efficiently.

ESI will also be monitoring emissions. There are currently four station set up to monitor ambient air. KSLA News 12 is told the air will be as clean as hospital air coming out of the chamber.

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