LA House passes bill that would cut $101 million in spending

LA House passes bill that would cut $101 million in spending
Louisiana House of Representatives (Source: WAFB)

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) - A bill with potential cuts to almost every state funded department passed unanimously in the House.

It is a $900 million hole the state's legislators have to fill. House Representative Cameron Henry's bill to slash $101 million in spending was heard Thursday morning.

"We have to balance cuts with revenue. We have to help us get to that number of cuts that we need, the full House can actually approve and we can go home and have accomplished something, members," said Cameron, (R) Metairie, on the House floor.

The bill first caught our eye because of a section in the bill that would have cut $44 million in funding to the Department of Education's Minimum Foundation Program - which funds all K-12 school districts across the state.

The House, heard the bill Thursday. Before the vote, Henry announced several amendments to his bill, including one that protects that specific fund from the cuts.

"What we're doing is we're going to leave that money in the same category, and find the cuts somewhere outside of the MFP and obviously we don't expect that to fall on locals," said Cameron to the House of Representatives.

Now, that money will have to be found by the Department of Education in other areas where local school districts will not be affected.

Representatives passed the bill 98 to 0. Finding the money the state needs from anywhere they can before this special session ends.

Neither the Louisiana DOE or local school districts wanted to comment directly on this bill, saying it was too soon to say anything. That bill now goes onto the Senate appropriations committee to be voted on.

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