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Weather Wonders: Water Spouts

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Three water spouts were captured in a video taken from Lake Pontchartrain near New Orleans on Tuesday. These water spouts were a result of severe storms that moved through the area. 

Most often, water spouts form in fair weather off the Florida Keys. However, the ones caught on camera on Tuesday are known as tornadic water spouts. 

These form the same way a tornado forms. The ingredients needed to power up a tornadic water spout is a warm, moist air mass and a rising column of air that rotates on a vertical axis. 

Tornadic water spouts are more dangerous and powerful than fair weather spouts. They can form on land and move into the water, or develop right over a body of water. Water spouts can last anywhere from 5-10 minutes to an hour. It is crucial if you ever see a water spout, to make sure you keep your distance and try to move 90 degrees from the direction it is rotating. 

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