Local mom publishes children's cookbook inspired by daughter

Local mom publishes children's cookbook inspired by daughter

A local mother with a vision for a "dazzling positive outlook" for children like her daughter is set for a book signing Saturday for "Keira Angelina: The Kitchen Adventurer."

It is a fantasy adventure children's cookbook that encourages the imagination and spending time together in the kitchen.

Keziah Tsirigotis created this book in honor of her daughter Keira, who has Down Syndrome.

Tsirigotis says that when Keira was born, hopes for her condition and future were not optimistic. In the face of those challenges, Keziah made a promise that she would do something to honor the "dazzling positive outlook" she envisions for her daughter's future. 'The Kitchen Adventurer' was the result.

Keira's grandmother Felecia Tsirigotis illustrated the book.

Last May, a pre-book launch fashion show was held to promote the cookbook. Tsirigotis held her first book signing on Friday.

The next book signing is Saturday, February 6 at West Shreve Memorial Library on Pines Road from 1:30 p.m. until 4:30 p.m.

Here is a link to order "Keira Angelina: The Kitchen Adventurer."

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