Bossier City child care center's license revoked

Bossier City child care center's license revoked
A sign on the door of the Treetop Learning Center states that their license was revoked.

BOSSIER CITY, LA (KSLA) - Some people are shocked after a Bossier City day care's license was revoked.

An investigation showed false criminal background checks were submitted for three of the center's staffers, including its director.

"I really didn't know anything of that statute was going on with the day care," said Valerie Hooks, a grandparent of a former student at the center.

The revocation means Treetop Learning Center in Bossier City has lost public funding from the state.

The Louisiana Department of Education revoked two child care licenses Friday, the first two of the year, and the grandmother we spoke with said what she saw at the Bossier City facility caused her to take action months ago.

Valerie Hooks' 2-year-old grandson Aiden went to Treetop learning center, until November of 2015, when she put him into a new day care.

"You entrust this care of your child with people, and so you have to be concerned as to what's going on with the people in charge," said Hooks.

No children were at the Treetop Learning Center Monday, and no answers from staff members inside following the state's investigation. Hooks said she had no idea what all was going on behind closed doors.

"They were just more so a babysitter, they weren't teaching him anything. He was just there. Every time I would go pick him up, they were sitting watching movies, or it wasn't ever anything learning. He didn't have any papers he bought home," said Hooks.

Treetop's public funding ended Friday after the state revoked its license. According to the Louisiana Department of Education, recent inspections turned up dozens of violations of state law. Some of what was found was the center reportedly submitted three fraudulent criminal background checks for its staff members, including the director of the center.

State Superintendent John White said this in a statement, "we trusted these businesses with our precious children, and they betrayed that trust." He continued, "We are fortunate no children were harmed, but we will not tolerate dishonest child care centers."

Hooks said she was shocked by the report, but also noticed some things that concerned her before the state took action.

"I got him in the car and noticed he was holding his mouth kinda funny and I told Aiden 'what do you have in your mouth?' and it ended up he had three little pebbles. So I took him out and back into the daycare, and they didn't seem to be quite as concerned as I was about him having the pebbles," said Hooks.

Treetop Learning Center has 15 days to appeal the decision.

You can check how your child's daycare stands with the state here.

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