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Landers Athlete of the Week: Marquez Stevenson - January 27


Northwood senior receiver Marquez Stevenson may not speak much and that's because he prefers action.

Northwood head coach Jim Gatlin says he's been been all business since his younger years.

"He is very quiet, he keeps to himself and he's not going to talk to you a lot," says Gatlin.

His mother Angelicia Stevenson says, "He's always been a very mature young man."

"When that baby was born, he came out strong, the doctors couldn't get him to cry," says Marquez's mother. "It was like twenty minutes before they got him to cry. when he finally did start crying, he started swinging on the doctors."

The fight began for Marquez early on in life. 

"Growing up, I never wanted to lose at anything, like at elementary and field day. I always wanted to win and I had that mindset that I wanted to win," says Marquez Stevenson

Unfortunately, some battles just aren't meant to be won.


Angelicia remembers a moment that did bring her son to tears.

"It has to be something that really gets to him like when my cousin passed in 2006, that was the first time I ever saw Marquez cry," said Stevenson.

In a close knit family Marquez, and when his cousin passed away in 2006 it changed the course of his life.

His cousin was the mother of former Green Oaks Giant and Missouri star L'Damian Washington, who continues to be a role model for Marquez.

"Everybody doesn't have that. Everybody that is going through something doesn't have somebody that has already been through the recruiting process. Its great to have somebody I can run to and that person give me good advice."

As Marquez suppressed the pain if losing his family member, he exploded on the field. He broke records at Northwood and became one of the best receivers in the area.

"Even through his athletic records and his ability that he has done, its been just awesome to watch him grow up," said coach Gatlin.

He grew up on the field and in the classroom, and colleges took notice. Miami, Mississippi State, Nebraska and Notre Dame among the many college offers, but Marquez saw something he liked in Houston committed before the 2015 season.

"It feels good. Its been a long process, I mean I've had big schools come through Northwood like schools that have never been down here before. In my ninth grade year people asked me why I came to Northwood. I always used to tell him "I know I'm going to be the first on". I'm going to try to be the first one," says Stevenson.  "Part of my goal was to help people know that it's possible, anything is possible. You just have to work hard for it."

With only a week way until signing day, Marquez says he's ready to start round 2 of this fight called life.

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