Red light runners help fund Marshall Police Department

Red light runners help fund Marshall Police Department

MARSHALL, TX (KSLA) - Marshall, Texas police say their traffic cameras brought in big bucks in 2015.

The Marshall Police Department says with the money from those traffic camera tickets, they were able to buy a bundle.

12 new electronic ticket writers, a new patrol unit, and a golf cart for patrol during large community events. Electronic eyes that never miss a thing.

"I always see people running red lights while at work," said driver Timothy Schultz.

With cameras perched at every angle, officers say they're cashing in when drivers try to beat the red light.

"We also purchased a 2016 Charger for the traffic unit," said Marshall Police Officer Justin Miller.

As drivers continue to try their luck at beating the camera, Marshall police continue to take those bets straight to the bank.

"We were still using the old way, pen and paper, with these ticket writers we can swipe a license hit a couple of buttons, and the ticket is printed in less than 2 minutes," added Miller.

2015 racked in thousands for the department, money they will continue to use to make improvements.

But Schultz said he doesn't plan on donating to the cause.

"It's not worth a few extra minutes to beat a red light, or a yellow light rather, people are impatient they are always in a hurry to get someone and it always bites them," added Schultz.

Schultz is impressed with the improvements, but said he'll keep his money right where it belongs, in his pocket.

The money also allowed the department to send an officer to traffic school. They were also able to purchase one kit of fatal vision goggles for their Citizens Police academy.

The new goggles are being used at the Citizens Police Academy that got underway on Wednesday.

The training allows citizens to get to know the operations of the police department.

The session runs through February.

Marshall Police Department expects to hold another citizens academy sometime in May.

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