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Landers Athlete of the Week: Kyra Montes- January 20

AOW Kyra Montes AOW Kyra Montes

The Byrd girl's soccer team improved to 23-1 with their win over West Monroe on Monday night.  She would never boast but a lot of the team’s success this season has to do with senior forward Kyra Montes.

With an ACT score approaching 30 and a 4.0 GPA, Kyra's play on the field is just the icing on her

Kyra is as graceful with the soccer ball as ballet dancer on stage but Kyra's stage hasn't always been where she's wanted it to be.  

"At the time I was like this is going to be terrible."

After spending most of her life in Mississippi, Kyra's father got a job in Shreveport and it was time to move.  It was just before her freshman year of high school.

"First time I ever heard of Shreveport,” said Kyra.  “I didn't even know where it was but it ended up being alright."

Kyra made an immediate impact on the Byrd soccer team after first spending a year a Caddo Magnet. 

Byrd head coach Lisa Levermann said, "I have had some pretty special players over the years but when Kyra first came here and got on the field. I knew she was one of a kind definitely a top player in the state."

At 23-1, The Lady Jackets soccer team is currently ranked number 1 in the state by and 7th overall in the country. 

Kyra leads the team with 27 goals

She said, "I just try to stay humble about it because I don't want it to get to my head so I just keep working hard.  That's pretty much all you can do."

Levermann added, "When nobody is watching she's working the hardest. She doesn't like to be that player that gets put on the spot. You'll find out that she's shy. She's committed to being the hardest working player out there."

Kyra’s teammate and friend, Taylor Arnold, "She's really intense on the field. She's a leader on the field but I love her off the field too though, she's such a goof ball.  I love her."

That love has made its way through the entire team in what's turning out to be a dream season for Byrd.  What's even more special about Kyra is that she would rather the attention go to her teammates.

Kyra said, "It's been amazing. All of us are friends. There is no drama on the team, we're all so close and it's so much fun."

Taylor added, "It's probably been the most tight-knit group I've ever been with. I don't want it to change. I'm really upset they are graduating. I'm going to miss them a lot."

Kyra responded, "It's going to be so sad leaving them, our warm ups and just winning with them and being goofy with them. I'm really going to miss that. That's probably the biggest thing, the team."

As she accepted the Landers Athlete of the Week trophy, Kyra said, "Thank you. I just want to thank my mom on my dad and my gigi and also coach Lisa and my teammates for just being there for me."

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