Chimp Haven Almost Ready For New Guests

The area's new habitat for chimpanzees is almost ready for its first residents.

On Saturday Chimp Haven opened its doors to the public for one last time, at least until this fall.

Visitors walked through the areas where the chimps will live and be cared for. They also talked with the staff that will care for the animals.

The center's director says Saturday was a unique chance to see just how Chimp Haven will operate.

"It's really a one of a kind opportunity to walk through the whole facility. Once the chimps arrive it's really important for them to have some privacy, it's important for the staff to concentrate on the chimps when they come, so for probably about six months we're going to pretty much be closed to the outside world," said Chimp Haven Director Linda Brent.

Brent also says the first group of chimps should arrive sometime this spring.