BPPJ confronts trash company over delayed pickup

BPPJ confronts trash company over delayed pickup

BENTON, LA (KSLA) - The Bossier Parish Police Jury confronted a trash company Wednesday, who has found themselves weeks behind on trash pickup.

Trash has been piling up in some parts of Bossier Parish as trash company J & J Disposal admits they are struggling to keep up.

Jury members decided to try and tackle the issue head-on by confronting the company.

Company customer service representative Allison Dugal says the delays are due to a series of unfortunate events, like people quitting, getting fired and trash trucks getting totaled.

"Everything is coming upon us at one time. We are doing our best to get out there and get all of this trash picked up," said Dugal.

Frustrated customers turned to the police jury for help.

"All of us received calls. It seems that, I'm kind of glad they feel this way, that we can solve everything," said Wanda Bennett, Police Jury President.

To try and find a solution, the jurors asked the company to come to the jury meeting to explain the issues.

"We wanted to hear what their excuse was, what their explanation was to see if we could make recommendations," said Bennett.

Dugal says they have purchased a new trash truck and are trying to catch up.

"I don't know what the timeline is exactly, I hate to answer the question that way, but from what I understand we are almost back on track," said Dugal.

Bennett has asked the company to come back to their next jury meeting to update their progress.

"It does seem like they are trying very hard to get back on track," said Bennett.

But if the company continues to slip behind, Bennett says because they are a private company, all they can do is recommend people hire a different trash company.

At the meeting, parish leaders also offered suggestions to the company like building a website and improving their communication with customers.

The next police jury meeting is February 3.

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