Garbage pickup delay leaves trash piling up for Bossier residents

Garbage pickup delay leaves trash piling up for Bossier residents

BOSSIER PARISH, LA (KSLA) - Trash day has come and gone without pick-up over the last three weeks for J&J Disposal customers in Bossier Parish.

"The last time it was picked up was the day before Christmas," said Mac Plummer, who is one of those customers.

"You can see trash cans all over the southern part of the Parish that's still out on the roadway."

According to its website, J&J Disposal is based out of El Dorado, Arkansas.

We spoke with company owner Rhonda Johnston, by phone.

"We've had several trucks to break down and then the holidays got us behind and then drivers quitting, helpers quitting," said Johnston.

J&J Disposal customers tried calling one of 2 numbers listed for J&J Disposal about trash piling up in their neighborhood.

Johnston said the flooding of phone calls resulted in more than 400 voicemails and the voice mailbox became full.

"The phones are ringing off the wall but when it fills up they can't hear the message, they're not full now," said Johnston.

J&J Disposal said they serve more than 8,000 customers in Louisiana.

Johnston said right now, they have just 2 trucks in service.

"I know it's frustrating to them, and like I said, it hurts me more than anything to see this happen,"said Johnston.

J&J Disposal said this is the first time in ten years they've had issues like this.

"Normally our customers can set their watch to our trucks arriving for trash pick-up," said Johnston.

"In the past year, everything that could go wrong has, and we're just trying to get back," she said.

Customers say J&J Disposal keeps pushing back their estimated pick-up time.

"Our goal is to have everyone picked up and cleaned up by the weekend," said Johnston.

"They got behind during the season, they have vehicle issues and employment issues and I understand," said Plummer.

"But on my side of the fence, I've got trash that's accumulating here to do something with it. And I had to go with someone that assured me they would take care of that," he said.

Plummer is the District 12 representative on the Bossier Parish police jury.

He said he's speaking as a citizen who's experiencing the same difficulty in getting his trash picked up as others are throughout Bossier Parish.

Plummer said trash disposal isn't something regulated by the parish and he hopes that it's not something that will need to be in the future.

"Whether or not it's something we want to look at as a governing body in the future would depend on the citizenry outside the parish and the city of Bossier," said Plummer.

"If issues of this nature continue, then it may be something we want to look at to regulate," he said.

"Right now we're thinking 'free Enterprise is 'free enterprise' and if people are unhappy with the business, then they can go with another one," said Plummer.

Johnston is pleading with J&J customers for patience, as she does fear a loss of business. 

"I'm working my hardest to get them all cleaned up. And I know that really doesn't help, but we're working day and night to get out there," said Johnston.

"We have a new truck coming. I just want J&J customers to know I appreciate their business and I'm working my hardest to get everything cleaned up," she said.

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