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Red Cross finalizes damage assessment, helping clear way for parish aid

(Bubba Kneipp/KSLA News 12) (Bubba Kneipp/KSLA News 12)

Nine of the 13 Blanchard residences assessed by the American Red Cross suffered major damage when an EF-1 tornado struck Dec. 27 and now are unlivable, the organization reports. 

Another 4 structures had minor damage. 

The level of damage is important because it's a factor in determining how and how much property owners can be helped.

Residents of Country Aire Mobile Park in Blanchard have asked the Caddo Commission for assistance. 

Commissioner Lyndon Johnson, who represents the Blanchard area, has told KSLA News 12 that any assistance would be the same type given to victims of this summer's Red River flood and would depend on the Red Cross damage assessment.

Johnson went on to say the commission would be able to extend aid to qualified residents within a few days once the official Red Cross damage assessment hits commissioners' desks.

The Red Cross says it has reported its assessment to Johnson.

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