LifeShare blood center in need of ArkLaTex blood donors

LifeShare blood center in need of ArkLaTex blood donors

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) - The holidays have put a damper on the ArkLaTex blood supply. LifeShare Blood Centers are in desperate need for donors as we begin a new year.

The only place to get blood for a hospital patient is through a volunteer donor. According to Lifeshare blood center stats, one out of seven hospital patients needs blood. Not too long ago, LifeShare spokesperson Tina Hooper came very close to falling in that category.

"I woke up one morning with internal bleeding myself," she said.

Hooper was rushed to the hospital, where she lost a liter of blood. She didn't end up needing a transfusion, but knew blood was on standby just in case.

"It is very important to me those donors gave and make sure the medical team had everything they needed," said Hooper.

Hooper explained after her experience at the hospital, she has a new perspective on giving blood.

"When you are in the hospital and you are lying in the operating room and you are concerned about your own health and you are concerned about going home to your family, it makes it personal," she said.

After the holiday season, nearly all blood type levels have fallen low.

"We have to keep up a lot of donations in our community to make sure it is there for every patient," explained Hooper.

Now, LifeShare is ramping up their efforts to alert the community in efforts of getting more donors.

William Sibley gave blood at LifeShare Monday evening, he considers giving blood his civic duty. Sibley came out because he heard the blood supply was low.

"Although this part doesn't really feel good now, it feels good to help save people," said Sibley.

According to the Red Cross, one blood donation can save up to three lives.

You can donate blood at any LifeShare in the ArkLaTex.

There's one at 8910 Linwood Avenue in Shreveport. In Bossier City, the LifeShare Blood Center is located at 1523 Doctors Drive, and in Texarkana, Texas the LifeShare Blood Center is on 1321 College Drive.

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