Bossier community bands together to capture, save dumped dog

Bossier community bands together to capture, save dumped dog

BOSSIER CITY, LA (KSLA) - It took several months and a whole community to capture a dog seen dumped at a Bossier business. The dog, a black Labrador, was named Harley after it was seen at the Harley Davidson dealership several times. Animal advocates are sharing her story in an effort to educate the community about not dumping animals.

For more than a month, a group in the Bossier community tracked and tried to catch the flighty black lab. Animal advocate Megan DeMoss coordinated capture efforts by creating a Facebook page dedicated to sharing Harley's whereabouts. "We tried so many ways to catch her but she just kept enough distance," said DeMoss.

Bo and Ronda Spataro were a part of the effort."There was quite a few people involved in trying to get her caught," said Bo Spataro.

You may remember, the Spataros adopted Braveheart after he was left for dead, chained up in a storage locker back 2013. Braveheart, now healthy and happy, even joined in the efforts to catch Harley, but was unsuccessful. "I guess Braveheart wasn't her type," said Bo Spataro.

Finally, Harley was captured when she wandered into a garage a week ago. "It was just that simple. Whoever it was that closed that garage door, thank you so much," Bo Spataro said.

Now, Harley is safe and in the foster care of Carla Dollar, who gets emotional thinking about Harley's nights on the streets. "To think what she went through, no animal should have to deal with being so scared," she said.

The animal advocates who helped Harley hope that by sharing her story will prevent other animals from suffering like she did. "We do want to make people aware to not dump your pets," said DeMoss.

They encourage people to bring unwanted pets to an animal shelter instead of just cutting them loose.

Harley is up for adoption through Rockers Rescue and you can meet her at a "meet and greet" Saturday, January 2, from 11 to 2 at Harley Davidson in Bossier City.

Anyone interested in adopting Harley can email for an application.

Harley also has a shirt fundraiser in her honor.

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