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Landers Athlete of the Week: Christopher Wilkerson- December 16

AOW Chris Wilkerson AOW Chris Wilkerson

Nice guys don't always finish first but Captain Shreve senior basketball player Christopher Wilkerson doesn't mind that. 

He says what matters to him is how you treat people, so at the end of the day, he says, finishing first is about putting others before yourself.

"I don't know. I've just been, you know, kind of humble. I don't really worry about stuff like this," said Chris.  

Chris isn’t used to the cameras or the attention. He just wants to play basketball.

Gators’ head coach, Todd Martinez, said, "I wonder if he's going to say five words when you actually talk to him. He doesn't expect nor go to the light but he leads others there."

After coming off the bench last season, Chris has worked his way on to the Gators starting lineup and is quickly becoming one of the team’s key pieces.

A friend saw Chris' progression, and nominated him to be our Athlete of the Week.

"It means a lot to me. They care for me and I just thank God for all that he's doing in my life, " he said.

Martinez added, "Everybody is pulling for him because they are wanting his success, probably more for him that he wants for himself."

Something that always puts a smile on Chris' face these days is dunking the basketball.  It’s something he did for the first time ever this summer.

"My legs just increased. I feel like springs in my legs in my legs now," he said with a smile.

So as basketball season rolls on, Chris is in his element.  While he does enjoy solitude it takes a back seat to being with his teammates.

"It's just an unbreakable bond that we'll have. We'll be around each other when all this basketball season and stuff is over."

For a young man with such perspective, Chris doesn't dream big much.  At least, he didn’t until his coached pushed him.

Martinez said, "It's not a dream that he needs to tell me but it’s a dream that he needs to know. So I said look whenever you find out what it is. I want you to write it down. I don’t  want you to hand it to me, I just want you to write it down and about three weeks ago he said coach I have my dream."

When asked what his new dream was, Chris responded, “I want to help people.”

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