Texarkana apartment complex faces $30k water bill

Texarkana apartment complex faces $30k water bill

TEXARKANA, TX (KSLA) - Imagine having a past due water bill for $30,000. That's the situation facing the management at a Texarkana, Texas apartment complex.

"I have bills here from $3,200 to $13,000 close to $13,000," said Forest Point Apartment manager Claire Jaynes.

Jaynes showed KSLA News 12 some of the bills they've received from the Texarkana Water Utilities, most amounting to thousands of dollars. Jaynes says the bills are not accurate.

"There has been a history since 2008 of misbilling and malfunctioning meters," explained Jaynes.

Jaynes claims the city didn't believe her and hired a company to set up a second set of water meters to compare side-by-side. She claims those readings prove the city is overcharging so she's only been paying what she feels she owes.

"The numbers were just not adding up for what I was being billed for and I paid what I knew the true consumption to be," said Jaynes.

But City of Texarkana Public Information Officer Lisa Thompson disagrees.

"We have no reason to believe we have been overcharging the customer," said Thompson.

According to Thompson, the last full payment for the department complex was made in December 2014. She says it is now up to the city council to determine what course to take to resolve the issue. But regardless of what the council decides, residents at Forest Point should not worry.

"The city manager has said we are not going to turn the water off. He realizes those tenants are paying their water bills. They are paying their rent and they would be really affected if we turn off water at the apartment complex," explained Thompson.

"The solution would be if I am charged with my actual consumption, not for faulty readings and estimated readings," said Jaynes.

Jaynes said instead of her owing the city, the city should be reimbursing the 104 unit apartment complex.

The issue was brought up at the city council meeting Monday, but no decisions were made.

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