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President's Prescription: Baby Teeth


When kids lose their first baby teeth, it’s usually an exciting time with anticipation for the tooth fairy and waiting for the new permanent teeth to come in. However, this is the time to emphasize the importance of healthy oral hygiene habits.

By the time your kids turn six or seven, the tooth fairy comes by the house so often it seems like she might as well move in. Now while this is very exciting things for the kids, you as the parent need to make this an opportunity to teach them a life lesson about oral health.
Narration: Around the time kids begin losing their baby teeth, you can implement some oral health routines to get your kids settled into good habits at an early age.

Brush your teeth. At least twice a day, make brushing teeth a fun thing the family does together. Supervise your kids brushing to point out areas in which they need to improve. Brushing their teeth is a great way for kids to demonstrate independence and also develop healthy habits.

Floss. Once a day, help your kids floss their teeth. Many adults do not floss often enough, and therefore, it’s an important habit to develop early on. 

Eat healthy. Limiting snacks between meals, especially sweets and sodas, will decrease the likelihood that an oral problem will develop for your child. 

See the dentist. Your dentist can quickly find potential problems that could pain your child later down the road. Schedule regular cleanings and discuss oral changes in your child with your dentist. 
Practice. There are a number of fun toys meant to replicate some of the habits we’ve discussed today. Playing with these will actually make your kids more confident in their oral hygiene routine.

And remember this, while most kids are excited about losing their baby teeth because it means a visit from the tooth fairy, there are some who are really anxious about it.  And for them it’s important to talk to your dentist and ask them about things you can do that can alleviate some of that anxiety.

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