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6 creative gift wrapping ideas for every holiday

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By Emelie Battaglia 

For many people, buying the gifts is the easy part. When a department store has gift wrapping options, you jump at the opportunity to take advantage. You hate the way gift wrapping options are always so bland and boring, with just paper, ribbon and bows. Well, pine no further, because IdealHomeGarden.com has some great ideas for wrapping those extra special gifts, whether it's for a birthday, holiday, anniversary or any other special occasion. With a personal touch and some creativity, you'll have all your gift recipients feeling like the luckiest people in the world. Heck, they may not even want to open those beautiful gifts at all!

1. Monogram It.

Stick with a solid-colored paper-based wrapping paper this year. Avoid rolls that have gloss finishes or strange material synthetics in them. Wrap your gifts normally with the paper. If you'd like to be extra DIY, then use old computer paper. Scratch paper works well, too, as long as the side with ink or scribbles is facing inward toward the gift. Once you're done wrapping, add a personal touch to your gifts with monograms. Use varying stamp sizes and ink colors, and stamp the recipient's initials all over the paper. To save fabric and material on gift tags, use the same stamps to spell out the name of the recipient and yourself. The monogram will add a special touch that your friend or family member will appreciate. Plus, as an added bonus, your gifts will stand out under the tree!

2. Bow-dazzle It.

Rather than dealing with tricky ribbon this year, stick with bows. Rather than sticking with just one or two bows on the top of the gift, overload it with bows in all one color, but in varying sizes. Or, consider using three different bow colors and bunching them together in groups on the top. For the more organized gift wrappers out there, try lining the bows up and down the gift lid in straight rows. Either way, your gift will stand out and truly bow-dazzle the receiver.

3. Give It a Light Touch.

Everyone has those Christmas lights that just don't work anymore. They're not cracked or broken, but the bulb just doesn't want to light up. Rather than tossing the lights in the trash, use them as gift embellishments. Arrange them in a circle to create a Christmas light "bow," or line them up along one side of the gift. To go with the bow option, use a hot glue gun to strand six bulbs together to form a star shape. Connect the circuit sides, not the light sides. (This will prevent the bulbs from breaking.) Fasten the bauble of bulbs to a length of ribbon using double-sided tape. If you'd prefer to make a line of bulbs instead, then just glue the circuits directly to a wide ribbon and tie it around your gift. Your creativity will not go unnoticed, and your gift recipient's face is sure to light right up when they see it!

4. Tailor It.

If you're giving a gift card, then don't just hand your friend the card in an envelope. Instead, make it more personal by tailoring how you wrap it! Put a home goods store certificate in a prettied-up paint can. Use wrapping paper or non-lead paint to cover the outside of the can, and then wrap a ribbon around it. Stuff the certificate in a nice assembly of tissue paper, and place it all in the can. Or, for a manicure certificate, put the slip it in a cosmetics bag with some ribbon and bows. For DVDs or a movie theater gift card, use an old popcorn box or bucket. It will show that you put more time into the gift than just buying the gift certificate.

5. Strip It Down.

Rather than buying generic bows from the store, use one of my mom's old tricks. To show people she really cared about them, she'd make her own bows! With some wrapping paper scraps left over from another wrapping project (or you can cut out your own pieces), arrange the scraps in groups by length. Grab the smallest ones first, and use scissors or another blunt-edge object to curl the paper. To do this, hold one end of the strip with your thumb and index finger, and drag the blunt edge downward quickly, pulling slightly inward as you drag. Don't push too hard, though, or the paper will break. Do this with all your scraps. Group the smallest scraps in a bow-like shape and tape them together. Then place those scraps inside a group of slightly larger scraps, moving onward up until you're out of strands. Then arrange them nicely and attach them to your gift using double-sided table. You can also use wrapping paper strands as a substitute for ribbon on your gift! Just use long strips of wrapping paper to twine around the gift, and tape it at the ends. If you want to mix up the design, then use varied patterns of wrapping paper to make it as bright and colorful as you'd like.

6. Make It Newsworthy.

Rather than tossing out those comics this weekend, put them aside and use them as wrapping paper. It will save you time and money on using regular paper, and newspapers are already extremely fold-friendly. Or, if your dad is a huge sports fan, then use a copy of that weeks sports section (after he's read it, of course!) to add a more personal touch. If your friend is a movie or celeb aficionado, use some old issues of OK! Magazine or the like to wrap your gift. You'll be recycling and adding a creative flair to your gift. Who doesn't like both?

At the end of the day, you want your gifts to be as impressive on the outside as they are on the inside. By trying something different, you're showing everyone in attendance at your gift exchange that you care more about the person than money can buy. And that is really what giving gifts is all about.

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