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Weather Wonders: Jet Stream

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Temperatures will be climbing well into the 70s by the end of this week. This has had quite a few people wondering why we're seeing such a warm up at the start of Meteorological Winter. 

Well we're not the only ones seeing the mild weather. Some of the eastern seaboard is enjoying temperatures 30 degrees above average! The jet stream plays a big factor in our weather. It is located 7 to 12 kilometers above the earth's surface in the atmosphere. Basically, the jet stream is a stream of very fast wind that steers weather systems and separates cold and warm air masses. The polar jet, what we encounter in the winter, is stronger than the subtropical jet - which dominates are summer forecasts. 

Currently, the polar jet is located in the far north of the US. This has kept the colder arctic air north, and allowed mild air to infiltrate much of the continental US. 

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