Alliance: Shreveport dog park being built to withstand flooding

Alliance: Shreveport dog park being built to withstand flooding

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) - Pet owners who will use Shreveport's riverfront dog park need not worry about flooding the likes of which the city has seen this year.

The facility is being designed to withstand floodwaters, said Cynthia Keith, of the Shreveport Dog Park Alliance. "I think due to the flooding that we had earlier, we took that into consideration that had to be addressed and has been."

Twice this year, Red River has reminded the ArkLaTex of Mother Nature's strength. Over the summer, we saw records break as floodwaters rose and the Red pushed out of its banks. Now the same scenario is playing out. It's not quite as severe, but still a headache for everyone along the river.

Both times, flooding wreaked havoc on city parks. Their entrance gates once again are closed, just as they were during the summer.

Renovations undertaken to reopen the parks, such as work at the amphitheater in downtown Shreveport, again are delayed or under water.

Meantime, Shreveport is making ponds out of the silt and mud deposited by floodwaters and the water left standing as the river recedes.

As for the dog park, workers still could be on track to break ground in January if everything goes as planned. That projection accounts for the possibility of further bad weather, Keith said.

The city hopes to have the dog park open by late summer.

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