Gun store owners say more people taking concealed carry classes

Gun store owners say more people taking concealed carry classes
Guns at Shooters USA

BOSSIER CITY, LA (KSLA) - Mass shootings like Wednesday's are pushing more people to protect themselves. So far this year, gun sales have been through the roof.

Especially on Black Friday, when the FBI says more than 185,000 gun background checks were processed. And gun stores in the ArkLaTex are noticing another increase.

"I love seeing that people are taking more of an initiative to be proactive instead of reactive," said Paul Murray.

Paul Murray owns Shooters USA in Bossier City. He has seen not only an increase in gun sales, but more people wanting to take concealed carry classes.

"I've gone from averaging 10 to 15 folks to - I mean our last class we had 15 scheduled and more than 30 showed up," said Murray.

Murray says while the classes have taken off, more of the participants are females.

"We've gone from a few females coming in to every day, we've got more and more coming in, which is a good thing because it lets me know people aren't just buying guns and going shooting, they're buying a gun and learning how to shoot," said Murray.

Murray is glad to see more people in the concealed carry classes.

"The more training you get and the more comfortable you get with your weapon, the better off you are at handling your weapon," said Murray.

Murray says all sorts of classes are picking up more clients, including church security and personal defense, he says that everyone is more aware.

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