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DeSoto Parish couple arrested for rape of young girl

James Pittman, 39 (Source: DeSoto Parish Sheriff's Office) James Pittman, 39 (Source: DeSoto Parish Sheriff's Office)
Rhydonia Pittman, 30  (Source: DeSoto Parish Sheriff's Office) Rhydonia Pittman, 30 (Source: DeSoto Parish Sheriff's Office)

A Keithville husband and wife are facing rape chargers for allegedly abusing a young girl.

DeSoto Parish juvenile sex crimes detectives began investigating 39-year-old James Matthew Pittman and his wife, 30-year-old Rhydonia Gullette Pittman after they received a complaint about the couple sexually exploiting the girl.

"In September we received a complaint from a concerned citizen regarding three children," said Sgt. Garland Hensley.

After two months of digging, investigators with the DeSoto Parish Sheriff's office finally compiled enough evidence to arrest the couple. According to detectives, Rhydonia encouraged the activity.

"She was there and participated in it. that's the principal part, she didn't actually do it but she was there while it happened and actually assisted in it," added Hensley.

According to a statement made to police, Rhydonia claims she too was a victim of sexual abuse as a child.

Family Psychologist Dr. Bruce McCormick says families with a history of sexual abuse are likely to continue the cycle.

"If you grow up in an abusive situation, you don't recognize that as being unusual or abnormal,"said Dr. McCormick.

He says in some cases there is no immediate fix for stopping the cycle.

"We'd like to the think there is some kind of magic pill or combination of treatments that can completely erase abusive experiences or the effects that it could have, but it's looking more and more like that's not always the case," added McCormick.

While detectives say Rhydonia admits to some of the allegations against her, James denies the accusations.

Both are charged with first degree rape. Rhydonia is charged with principal to first degree rape because detectives say she only assisted with the act. James Pittman is additionally charged with molestation of a juvenile. 

The molestation charge stems from separate allegations that he was allowed to fondle another young girl. His bond is set at $200,000.

Rhydonia Pittman has not yet faced a judge to receive a bond.

The couple was booked into the DeSoto Parish Detention Center.

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