DA Dale Cox denies allegations in SPD missing pills case

DA Dale Cox denies allegations in SPD missing pills case

CADDO PARISH, LA (KSLA) - Acting Caddo Parish District Attorney Dale Cox has filed court documents denying allegations outlined in a suit filed by the Shreveport Police Association.

The suit claims Cox denied the association's requests for evidence related to the missing 14,000 prescription pills from the Shreveport Police Department's evidence room 3 years ago.

The pills, which had been confiscated in a late 2011 drug bust, were confirmed to be missing after a tip led to an audit of the evidence room in May 2012.

That led to an internal investigation, with assistance from the FBI.

According to the suit, "the matter was reported on the local news media, and according to those reports, criminal, and administrative investigations were launched to determine the perpetrator of the crime and the causes of the disturbing security breach."

The findings of the internal investigation were handed over to the District Attorney's office, where the late Charles Scott was in charge at the time. 
Since that time, no one has been reprimanded or arrested and no prosecution has been initiated relating to the theft of the pills, which had an estimated street value of more than $110,000.

But Cox says he didn't hand over certain documents because they are not public record.

According to do the document Cox filed, he did provide reasons for not disclosing the records and the association was informed that criminal litigation was still reasonably anticipated.

According to Cox, the association filed the "unverified captioned lawsuit without jurisdiction" and that some documents requested were actually released to the association.

The pills were never recovered.

The case is expected to go to court in the next few months.

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