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Athlete of the Week: Travis Manning- November 18

AOW Travis Manning AOW Travis Manning

The path to success is every changing and it’s the stops along the way that helps mold us into who were are. Bossier senior basketball player Travis Manning says he's still being molded.

All around his room are reminders of good times.

"Memories man, my middle school memories.  Still have to put more up there.”

That's why his days at can't be wasted.  It's another chance to make more memories.  

"It's my senior year so of course I want to win district champs, state champs, you know."

Bossier head basketball coach Jeremiah Williams said, "He tries to lead, not that he tires, he leads the right way. He encourages others to do the right things."

While Travis' path has been paved with success on the court, there's been something or someone missing.

"What happened, why didn't he want to come see me, we doesn't he talk to me," said Travis.

The absence of his dad has worn heavy on his heart.  His father has been more out of his life than in. Travis says he hasn't seen him since he was 12.

"I have to just get over it.  He's going to come one day. I know he's going to come around one day so I'll just be patient."

His story, unfortunately is like so many others but it seems behind every void of a father is a strong, praying and powerful mother.

Travis said, "A lot of love, I love that woman"

His mother, Twana Manning, said, "I'm going to do whatever I can do to get my Mom out of these apartments. She isn't going to have to work anymore, that's how Travis thinks."

As the youngest of 3, with two older sisters, Travis has always had to be the man of the house and in the last few years, that job hasn't been easy after Travis' sister lost her unborn baby boy.

Twana said, "My daughter, she had preeclampsia and they didn't find it in the early stage. We lost him and then we almost lost her."

During that time, Travis also lost his great grandmother and his mother, Twana, was in a serious car accident.  She also needed surgery to remove a tumor.

"God is a good God and everything happens for a reason.” Twana said.

Travis added, "I try not to show it because my mom, she's been in the bed crying, my sister, I just try to step up for them. Let them know it's going to be alright."

Basketball has been their only escape.  At almost every game, Twana is right there cheering on her son, who's quickly becoming a man.

"She's still with me. She has my back and I know she knows I have hers," said Travis.  

Twana added, "He's going to make it. He's going to make it."

As he accepted his Athlete of the Week trophy he said, "I'd like to thank my mom, my family, my teammates and coaches and I'd like to thank God. God is number one."

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