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Athlete of the Week: Kambrie Bethard- November 11

AOW Kambrie Bethard AOW Kambrie Bethard
East Point, LA (KSLA) -

It's not always easy to carry on the family name.  Life sometimes leads some of us in different directions but the phrase “carrying on the torch” couldn't be more appropriate for Riverdale Academy senior guard Kambrie Bethard. 

"Having my sisters play here. Everyone expects you to be good so you have to work up to that."

You won't have to look hard to find the name Bethard at Riverdale Academy.  It's everywhere.  Kambrie is the youngest and last of 4 girls to play for the Lady Rebels.  Kassie, the oldest, wore the number 21. Debbie Guidry has been coaching at Riverdale for 43 years and has coached all 4 Bethard sisters, as well as their mother.

"The next sister came along and said I'll just take 21 and then the next one came along 21 and of course there was no question when Kambrie got here she wanted 21," said Guidry.

Kambrie has worn the number 21 jersey well.  She leads the team in scoring, rebounds and steals last year.  Kambrie also excels on the track and cheerleading teams.

Her oldest sister Kassie Williams said, "She's gotten a lot of recognition for things that she's worked hard for. We all have just been beaming with excitement for seeing her have that success that we hope will carry on to the future."

Kambrie is also the yearbook editor, homecoming queen, class treasurer and Ms. Riverdale.

"They're proud. They come and watch me. They support me," Kambrie added.

Kambrie’s mother, Rhoda Bethard said, "Oh, this is a dream come true for me to watch her in her senior year. My other girls have done so well and excelled from this experience. I'm looking forward to Kambrie's year this year and as well as her future."

While the Bethards have met so much to Riverdale, it's Riverdale they say, that has meant so much to them.

Kambrie said, "No one hears about it like you say. You get lost coming here, everyone is like what's Riverdale which is kind of cool in a way. To me it’s the best school."

Her mother added, "This school is a family a large family that goes way back for my family.  It's just been a delight to watch the opportunity that's shown for our children and the closeness that the student body holds and the caring and loving spirit here among teachers and students is truly a gift."

"I hope my kids can come here,” said Kambrie.  “I'll live around here for the rest of my life. I just really like it here."

As she accepted her Athlete of the Week trophy, Kambrie said, "I would like to thank my family, my coach and my teammates." 

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