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Athlete of the Week: Delmonte Hall- November 4


On any given Friday night, in at least 1 high school football stadium in the area, there's really good chance you'll hear Delmonte Hall's name called. 

"I'm a playmaker. I'm a playmaker man."

The North DeSoto junior has accounted for 17 touchdowns so far this year.  His mother, Termeka Hall, says she saw the writing on the wall from an early age.

"He scared me half to death one time. He kicked the globe out in the ceiling and it cut him right on the top of his head and I was just paranoid. Ever since then I knew that this child had a passion for football."

While a younger Delmonte may not have felt much pain that day, the pain from losing his father to kidney failure when we was just 12 years old, couldn't be avoided.

"It was very hard for him at first.  He almost lost his way but as Mom, I could not let that happen.  He took that as his drive to succeed on the field," said Termeka.

Delmonte said, "It was hard but it was just another reason to keep forward and work for my family."

The memory of his father fuels his drive on Friday night, along with motivation from his family.  He says he also gets a little motivation from his horse, Blackjack.

Termeka said, "He just has a passion for anything that intrigues his mind and he just takes that with him no matter what he's doing and he utilizes it."

North DeSoto head coach, Scott Abernathy, said, "As long as I've been here I knew who he was. He's a good boy. He's got a good family. His mom went to school here. He's got a sister that's an athlete and they're just an integral part."

Now the colleges are calling and in a few years Delmonte will leave his family and Blackjack behind but until then on he’ll continue to strive for greatness on the football field.  

"I can't have a bad day because like she says mama can't have bad days. She can't choose when she wants to do this or when she wants to do that. Everybody has to keep pushing and building each other up and keep it going."

As he accepted the Athlete of the Week trophy, Delmonte added, "I want to thank God, he keeps me going.  I pray to him and he keeps blessing me. I want to thank my family, especially mostly my mama. She's brought us throw struggles. She keep me going. I want to thank my friends and coaches for teaching me stuff she can't teach and keeping me going." 

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