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Weather Wonders: Aurora Borealis

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Some lucky folks in the northern United States were able to catch a glimpse of the Aurora Borealis Tuesday night, which begs the question: Can we ever see that mystical sky here in the ArkLaTex? Although rare, we can in fact even see those dazzling colors here when the solar conditions are just right.

The Aurora Borealis is caused by a solar flare, or storms in space. Particles from these space storms enter Earth's atmosphere and are carried to the poles by the magnetic field. The interaction between the particles and earth's atmosphere is what gives off the colors we associate with the Aurora. The more intense and frequent the storms, the further south people are able to view the vivid colors in the night sky, although they most likely won't overtake the entire sky. 

The best viewing conditions for the Aurora Borealis in the northern hemisphere is November through March, under clear skies and cold temperatures. And the most important aspect? Away from any city lights.  

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