Rain saves some farmers from losing all their crops

Rain saves some farmers from losing all their crops

ELM GROVE, LA (KSLA) - Some ArkLaTex farmers have lost more than half of their crops because of the lack of rain the past few weeks, but wet weather in recent days may have at least washed away the prospect of total loss.

"Up until Friday, it had been weeks since we had any measurable rain," says Michael Ransom, a farmer in Elm Grove.

Ransom says he has patches of bare earth where there is supposed to be green from growing crops. Instead, harsh sun and dry weather left patches of planted crops barren. Only those within reach of irrigation have survived.

"Next to the sprinklers is squash plants, and in between is nothing," Ransom says, pointing to a a row of squash plants next to a strip of dry earth. "So, yeah we lost quite a bit," says Ransom, who estimates he's lost around 40 percent of his profits.

"Everything has perked up. Things I've planted have come up that haven't come up before. And so it kind of saved us this fall."

However, the rain came a little too late to save everything. Because of the severe drought, Ransom is rethinking the way he waters his plants.

"We're rethinking our water system. We're thinking of an automotive drip water system next year. It'll cost a lot more, but on the labor we're going to save a lot of money. Hopefully it will eliminate any loss due to the drought," says Ransom.

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