Ill teenager sees dream come true

Ill teenager sees dream come true

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) - Two weeks ago, 16-year-old Cody Hollowoa and his family received a diagnosis that would change their lives forever. But Thursday, a dream came true for him to lift his spirits.

At age 16, Cody knows more about weather than most first year college students. Like most future meteorologists, his interest in weather started at a young age.

"I got bored with cartoons one day, and decided I wanted to watch the local news," explained Cody.

Since then, Cody keeps up with the weather constantly. His phone is filled with weather pictures, and even weathers maps. And of course, again, just like every weatherman out there, he's guilty of having a favorite weather event.

"My favorite type is to watch tornadoes over water, but a few miles out away from land," he said.

The StormTracker 12 Weather Team met with Cody to lift his spirits as he's going through something that fewer than 1 percent of people ever experience.

As a teenager, two weeks ago, Cody was diagnosed with stage 4 metastatic colon cancer.

"I'll be honest, it scared me when they told me I have cancer," said Cody Hollowoa.

While speaking Cody's mother, the conversation turned from everyday life to the topic that no one wants to think about.

"How's my horses mom? Are they ok? Everyday," explained Laura Hollowoa.

"It just scares me to death to think about what they're going to do without me," said Cody Hollowoa.

"We're not going to be without you. Got it?" Replied his mother.

Cody has always wanted to meet a meteorologist, and so we went to make that dream come true. Doctors say that positive attitudes, and uplifting spirits are just as important as medicine when fighting illnesses, and based on Cody's heart rate Thursday afternoon, and how engaged he was with weather talk, he says he's ready to fight.

His strength, and courage is contagious, and he hopes to inspire other people going through the same things to fight too.

"You will make it through this," said Cody Hollowoa.

The Stormtracker 12 Weather Team made Cody an honorary weather team member, and we're expecting Cody to come track storms with us some day in the future.

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