The Importance of Fluoride

Fluoride Protection For You

Cavity Control:
Cavities are caused by bacteria that attack tooth surfaces. The protection that fluoride provides teeth helps prevent tooth decay at any age. Fluoride also helps remineralize enamel weakened by early cavity development.

Early Gum Disease Control:
Fluorides are used to inhibit the bleeding and tender gums caused by plaque bacteria.

Advanced Gum Disease Therapy:
Periodontal disease is caused by bacteria that attack the gum tissue and the bone supporting the teeth. Fluorides help sustain the treatment performed by your dental professional.

Gum Maintenance:
Because periodontal disease can reoccur at any time, fluorides are used to help prevent reinfection.

Post Surgical Rinse:
Fluorides control bacteria and help tissue heal at the surgical site.

Crown and Bridge Maintenance:
Recurring decay to teeth supporting a crown or bridge threatens the entire restoration. Fluoride will help protect these critical areas.

Implant Maintenance:
Bacterial plaque is the number one cause of premature implant failure. Fluoride blocks plaque formulation and helps protect your valuable implants.

Dentures and Partials:
Bad breath and irritation from dentures and partials can be controlled by fluoride rinses, without the drying effects of alcohol.

Orthodontic Maintenance:
Fluorides help control the two major problems associated with orthodontic treatment: gingivitis and decalcification.

Crown and Root Surface Caries:
Fluorides control the acid-producing bacteria and helps protect your investment.

Gum recession and natural wear on teeth can cause sensitivity. Fluorides coat and insulate the teeth from hot and cold.

Side Effects from Medicine:
Many prescription medications can affect saliva flow and increase a patient's risk of dental infection. (Consult your dental professional regarding your specific medication.) Fluoride helps protect against decay.