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Taking Care of Teeth and Gums, Helpful Hints from Sheridan Family Dentistry.

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  • Sheridan Family Dentistry

    The Importance of Fluoride

    Wednesday, April 18 2001 5:03 PM EDT2001-04-18 21:03:27 GMT
    Cavities are caused by bacteria that attack tooth surfaces. The protection that fluoride provides teeth helps prevent tooth decay at any age. Fluoride also helps remineralize enamel weakened by early cavity development. More >>
  • Sheridan Family Dentistry

    Taking Care of Teeth, Gums, and Tongue

    Wednesday, April 18 2001 5:07 PM EDT2001-04-18 21:07:55 GMT
    Flossing isn't hard, once you know the proper way to do it. Take a look at these helpful tips.More >>
  • Sheridan Family Dentistry

    How To Control Gingivitis

    Monday, April 16 2001 2:28 PM EDT2001-04-16 18:28:14 GMT
    If you're an adult, chances are you may have gingivitis--an early reversible stage of gum disease. Twenty-five percent of all adults may have some degree of gingivitis, and many don't even now it. More >>
  • Sheridan Family Dentistry

    Your Wisdom Teeth

    Tuesday, May 29 2001 4:56 PM EDT2001-05-29 20:56:46 GMT
    Why Are Wisdom Teeth Removed? Extraction of third molars can protect the overall health of the mouth. It is generally recommended when the following conditions occur: Wisdom teeth only partially erupt.More >>
  • Sheridan Family Dentistry

    What You Should Know About Oral Cancer

    Wednesday, April 18 2001 5:13 PM EDT2001-04-18 21:13:58 GMT
    Since early detection is so important, check your mouth when brushing and flossing. If, at any time, you notice any changes in the appearance of your mouth or any of these signs and symptoms contact yourMore >>
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