Family First: David's Gift helps families with unexpected loss

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) - A Shreveport couple that knows the pain of losing a child and having to lay them to rest has made it their mission to help grieving parents by helping to pay for their funeral expenses.

Losing a child is a parent's worst nightmare and it is a nightmare that is often lived thanks to S.I.D.S, or Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. According to the CDC, more than 3,500 infants die from SIDS and the cause of death in these children cannot be explained, but most happen while they are sleeping. This was the pained lived by Audrey McCormick after losing her son just days after giving birth.

"We were excited, we had actually been trying for a while," says McCormick."I had him on a Thursday afternoon and we brought him home Friday evening." Their excitement over their new bundle of joy, David Miller McCormick, would be short-lived. "Sunday evening, I nursed him and laid him down, we went back to check on him and he wasn't breathing," says McCormick. Audrey and her husband would only have their son for four days before losing him to SIDS.

"After you lose a child, you start to notice things a lot more," says McCormick. "You hear about a family that is raising money to help pay for a funeral, they have different expenses. It just grabs at your gut and then you think, 'Oh I wish I could so something more to help.'" So she did.

Audrey and her husband now want to help other grieving parents by helping to pay for their funeral expenses. They named their new charity after their late son, "David's Gift."

"We pay for funeral expenses for children. That's the casket and cemetery plot."

Since the beginning of this charity after little David's death, the McCormick's have unfortunately had to help more than 47 families from Florida and Indiana to Texas and South Carolina. While David's Gift doesn't cover every expense, they say they will always cover the casket. "That's where the baby was going to be, that's where he was going to lay, and so I wanted it to be nice," says McCormick.

On October 15, people around the world will recognize and remember children that were lost by observing Pregnancy, Infant and Child Loss Awareness Day.

The tradition is to light a candle in memory of a child lost to miscarriage, stillbirth or SIDS. To honor the children lost in the ArkLaTex, "David's Gift" will host a Glow Run. They are asking everyone who wants to honor a child they've lost to show up to Stoner Boat Launch in Shreveport at 7 p.m. wearing Glow in the Dark t-shirts or accessories. Participants and register as a team, in order to help raise money for "David's Gift."

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