Family First: World renowned artist has a message beneath the mask

Family First: World renowned artist has a message beneath the mask

ARKLATEX (KSLA) - A world renowned artist is bringing a message to Shreveport or rather helping the city tell its own story. Nick Cave, says his life changed in 1991 after the Rodney King beatings in Los Angeles. To communicate his distress about the beatings he created his first ever Sound Suit, a suit used to express his inner message.

His visit began on a busy morning near the Texas/Louisiana state line in one of his infamous "Sound Suits" covered in synthetic hair, capturing the eye of all those wondering "Who is it" and "Why is it here?" He says the sound suits is his way of expressing his emotion using anything he can collect around him, no matter what it is.

"So it is really about ideas that are connected to activist and ways to protest the aggression," says Cave. "So it really becomes a vehicle for communicating."

The artist, sculptor and performer says he is visiting the ArkLaTex over the course of several months as a change agent.

"Look around at the community at large and to sort of ask the questions at how can I be an influence," says Cave. "How can I sort of make art matter within communities that are really sort of underprivileged?"

One of the ways he is doing that is by partnering with community organizations like Providence House and the VOA Lighthouse through the Shreveport Regional Arts Council. He's helping them to tell their "hidden stories" through art by helping local artist connected to these organizations spread their message in their own way.

Cave is somewhat of an inspiration to the artists in residence who sculpt the landscape of Shreveport through their work.

"I really liked the fact that I could use art as a vehicle to change the world," says Cave.

He's hoping to help artists in the ArkLaTex change the world in their own "artistic way."

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