SAU sees record enrollment

SAU sees record enrollment

MAGNOLIA, AR (KSLA) - Southern Arkansas University in Magnolia sees record enrollment this fall.

According to Southern Arkansas University officials, enrollment figures show a 16.7% increase over last year. That translates to nearly 1,000 more students attending the university.

Dr. Trey Berry, SAU's president says students are attracted to the university because of the rich and often unique academic programs and its affordability.
This is the third year in a row there has been an enrollment increase at Southern Arkansas University.

Now, there are more than 4,000 students walking the SAU campus.

The biggest increase is with students enrolled in the College of Science & Engineering.

Dr. Scott McKay, dean of the College of Science & Engineering said, "I am hoping that we are becoming a good destination for a lot of students. High school students, teachers and counselors are saying SAU is a good place to come for your 4-year education."

Dr. McKay says in an effort to keep the student and instructor ratio low, the increase in enrollment has required an increase in teachers. He says in the College of Science & Engineering they've hired 4 new instructors.

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