Roy's Kids helps struggling families have bountiful Christmas

Roy's Kids helps struggling families have bountiful Christmas

Summer is barely over, but a local non-profit is already working to help make Christmas special for struggling families with children.

The holiday season can be stressful on a single parent. While some children have high expectations for what they'll get from Santa, some parents are agonizing over how much money they have to shell out in order to keep their kids happy.

That's where Roy's Kids comes in.

CEO Michael Powell says they collected about $6,700 last year and they've helped more than 60 kids. He started the organization 5 years ago after watching his own mother, a single mom, struggle to provide for so long.

"She struggled to just make ends meet, never had a new car," says Michael. "She used to work holidays and I used to say, 'Well that was really cool,' I thought she was doing that so the other nurses could get off and she'd say 'No, she's doing that because we need the money and it's double time.'"

So he did what so many others are doing today, put a call out on Facebook asking what families could use a little help this holiday season and, like a Christmas tree, the responses lit up. He says he was overwhelmed the first year, even spending thousands of dollars of his own money to provide gifts for kids he just couldn't say no to.

Roy's Kids, named after Micheal's older brother who passed a few years ago, has grown tremendously and has helped more than 500 kids have a bountiful Christmas. Michael says he will continue to help these families as long as there is a need.

In order for Roy's Kids to continue their good charitable deeds, donations are needed. The non-profit is holding their first 5K Run/Walk on February 13. In order to register for that walk, you have to sign up at or visit the "Roy's Kids" Facebook page for information. If you want to help Roy's Kids with their mission, you can start early with your toy donations by calling (318) 218-1716.

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