Stonewall cheerleader's dream comes true

Stonewall cheerleader's dream comes true
Lacey proudly wears her cheerleading uniform the day of her first game.

STONEWALL, LA (KSLA) - Video of a fifth-grader with Down syndrome finding out she made the North DeSoto Middle School cheerleading squad for this year went viral in May.

On Thursday, the now sixth-grader cheered in her first football game.

Lacey Parker has had a lot happen since the video went viral, but she has been waiting for Thursday night since May.

"I love football," said Lacey.

Lacey Parker is living her dream. She has always wanted to be a cheerleader, like her older sisters. And in May, she got the good news.

Her mom posted the video of her reaction to Facebook. From there, she never expected what could come next.

They appeared on countless news and entertainment shows, and once, when in Atlanta, they stopped by the Atlanta Hawks arena.

"There were about 175 girls lining both sides and when we opened the door they were cheering her name. They were trying out for the Atlanta Hawks cheer squad, and the owner of the Atlanta Hawks squad welcomed Lacey and told her how proud they were of her. And then the lady who was over the cheerleading asked her if she would like to try out," said Renee Parker, Lacey's mom.

Lacey made that team too, as an honorary lifetime cheerleader.

"I like the cheers and dance," Lacey said when asked about her favorite part of being a cheerleader.

Lacey's video has not only brought her attention, she has become an inspiration for other children throughout the nation who have Down syndrome.

"The mom said, 'you have no idea what your daughter means to my daughter. We don't even know you; we just watch you on Facebook. But you've given me hope that my daughter can one day be accepted and be loved the way Lacey is,'" said Renee.

As Lacey cheers, officially in uniform for her first game, her mom has one wish. "I hope they're in the stands and I hope they're screaming her name and she has a smile from ear to ear."

Lacey cheered in both seventh- and eighth-grade football games Thursday night. Her family was in the stands cheering her on.

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