Neighbors set sights on preserving Hank Williams' old home

Neighbors set sights on preserving Hank Williams' old home
In just a few months, a biography will hit theaters highlighting the life of Hank Williams Sr. who was inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame
Williams once lived in the ArkLaTex, and neighbors living near his former Bossier City home say the residence is now falling apart.
"It's just an eyesore," said neighbor Sarah Robertson. 
But the home in the 800 block of Modica Street in Bossier City has more to offer than what meets the eye.

"It was the most awesome thing in the world living across the street from Hank Williams when I was a kid," said Ed Jackson who remembers the home's glory days. "It’s ridiculous this is a part of history that is just going to the way side because no one wants to take care of it."

Neighbors said it's hard to believe musical great Williams once called the house his home, but they also say memories of Hank are very much still alive.
"He would come over here and use my mother's telephone," said neighbor Charles Ferguson.
Even with broken windows and weeds overtaking the porch area, the memories buried beneath the ruggedness of the now vacant home remain.
Neighbors are raising awareness by spreading word about this historic home right in the heart of their neighborhood. According to a 1940's deed, Hank Williams lived in the now uninhabitable home for a few months while working on the Louisiana Hayride, a part of history true fans haven't forgotten.
"Several of his fans stop and take pictures of what's left," said Robertson.
I Saw the Light, the biography movie about Hank Williams, is expected to hit theaters in November.
But residents say they won't rest until the gem tucked away on Modica Street gets the attention it rightfully deserves.
Bossier City Mayor Lo Walker has expressed interest in supporting efforts to preserve the home. However, so far, there's no plan in place to restore it.

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