Accused cop killer's other alleged shooting victim speaks out

Accused cop killer's other alleged shooting victim speaks out

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) - Exactly 3 weeks before this week's fatal shooting of a Shreveport Police officer, investigators say the man accused of that crime was the gunman in a different shooting that sent a man to the hospital with 3 gunshot wounds.

In fact, it was the shooting back in mid-July that had Shreveport Police searching for Grover Cannon in the first place, on a charge of attempted second degree murder.

Now, the survivor of that shooting is speaking out about the ordeal.

Darren Williams said he'll never forget the man who shot him 3-times."It was like I was staring at the devil."

Police would later identify the alleged shooter as 27-year-old Grover Cannon, the same man accused of killing Shreveport Police Officer Thomas LaValley on Wednesday night, August 5 in Shreveport's Queensborough neighborhood.

Williams said the sight of Cannon during his shooting will stay with him forever. "I have never to this day seen eyes so cold in my life. It's like nothing's there. Nothing."

Back on July 15, Williams had arrived in the 3100 block of Judson Street with paperwork to hand over to his friend buying a car. He remembers stepping out of his Hummer, walking up a small hill of an empty lot that is a popular place for people to hang out and meet one another.

When he reached the top of the hill, Williams said he turned to his left only to see Grover Cannon less than 2 feet away from him.

Williams described what happened next. "He said something about my Hummer and I went like, 'What?'  And when I looked down, he comes up.  I notice he got on black gloves, he comes up, pow!  I catch the shot. I swing him off me, goes to the ground, he shoot me again."

Williams said he quickly turned away and began to run from Cannon. "He fired two more times. One shot went in my back and out the front," continued Williams.

Williams somehow managed to run 4 blocks before finding help.

A neighbor who lives right next door and reportedly witnessed the whole thing declined to talk about the incident, saying he didn't know anything about it and he wanted to be left alone.

That witness reportedly told investigators the same thing. However, a source close to the investigation says that witness will be called to testify under oath for a grand jury in the case.

As for Williams, his left arm may never be the same. Holding the bandaged appendage out, he explained, "I can ball like this, but I can't open it up, see?"

Williams says witnesses reported seeing Cannon go directly to Williams' Hummer after shooting him and take cash, 2 weapons and the car keys.

Now, he says he wonders whether the attack on him may have been planned in advance.

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