New beginnings: Stonewall liquor store set to open, students start school year

New beginnings: Stonewall liquor store set to open, students start school year

STONEWALL, LA (KSLA) - As a new school year starts for Stonewall students in DeSoto Parish, the area's only liquor store is preparing to open its doors just down the street.

Stonewall Beverage Company was granted a liquor license by the Alcohol Tobacco Control agency Monday.

For parents sending their kids off to school, some didn't think twice about the new liquor store, while it weighed on other parent's minds. "I'm happy he enjoyed his first day of school and everything went well," said Dusty Karnes, whose son started the first grade today.

For mom Kedra Jackson, she was more nervous about the first day than her daughter. "She walked into her classroom, said 'bye mama' and that was that," Jackson said.

While all went well at school, something else lingered on some parents minds, knowing the town's only liquor store is days from opening. "I don't like the idea they will be selling it across the street from the kids," said Karnes.

But for Jackson, she says her kids are too young to worry about it. "As far as me and my kids, it's not a big deal to me," she said.

After much controversy,  Alcohol and Tobacco Control issued a liquor license to the store. Now store manager Albert Waters says the rush is on to open their doors. "It's been real manic, getting all the vendors paperwork ready and all the orders made," said Waters.

Waters is glad to see the shelves filling up. "It's a big relief," he said, explaining supporters are excited for their business to open and calls the opportunity for the store to open "a new beginning" for Stonewall.

Waters hopes the store will be able to open by the weekend.

The town will vote in October whether they want their town to ban alcohol sales completely. Currently, the town is technically 'wet,' but there are no businesses with permits to sell alcohol for off-premise consumption.

This week the ATC and Stonewall Beverage Company negotiated these terms before the permit was issued: Stonewall Beverage will not dispute the outcome of the October election. The company will stop selling alcohol if the voters vote against the sale of alcohol.

The company will drop the legal suit against ATC claiming the agency did not issue the permit timely manner.

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