Family of stabbing victim calls for end to violence in Shreveport

A family argument led to the stabbing death of a teenager on Monday, and now the brother of the victim says enough is enough. He wants the violence throughout the city to stop.

“The violence man, it needs to stop. It's unnecessary,” said the victim’s older brother Corey Debrow he adds “right now I am lost I don't know what to do, to tell the truth. I'm lost. It hurt me to my heart.”

Corey Debrow says he can't imagine life without his brother 15-year-old Willie Latin III. 
“I just want little brother to be here. He'd be right here right now,” said Corey Debrow. 
Police say Latin was stabbed to death by a relative on Monday night in the 1700 block of Yale Avenue.
“I keep pulling on my hair every time I think about him I just shake my head, I want to scream and shout,” said Corey Debrow.
Police say a fight broke out between the teenager and 52-year-old Edward Debrow moments before the fatal stabbing. According to neighbors Latin ran down the street in search of help.
“I just rather it was me than him. I just rather it was me,” said his brother, recalling the last conversation with the teen as he was dying.
“The last words he told me was go get him some water, and I ran in the kitchen and got him some water,” said Corey Debrow
Latin was rushed to University Health, where he died shortly after arriving.
The family plans to hold vigil in memory of Willie Latin III at 8:30 p.m. Friday on Yale Avenue.

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