Receding Red silt deposits will require massive cleanup effort

Receding Red silt deposits will require massive cleanup effort

BOSSIER CITY, LA (KSLA) - Red River Waterway Commission workers and Bossier deputies are continuing the massive cleanup operation at the Bossier Sheriff's A.R. Teague Substation.

Tons of sand deposited by the flooded Red River are being cleaned up to clear the parking lot. State DOTD trucks are hauling the material away and stockpiling it in yards around the parish.

"It's something that none of us want to see again. I mean, we dubbed it Teague Beach, which is interesting to see in our neck of the woods, but that's not what this is for. This is a boat launch, and folks want to enjoy the river again," said Bill Davis with Bossier Parish Sheriff's Office.

Red River Waterway Commission Executive Director Kenneth Guidry says the silt will be available to the state, city and parish for various uses.

Considering the fact that 310,000 sandbags used in the parish-wide in flood fight, BPSO Lt. Bill Davis says it's likely this material will be used to replenish the sandbag supply.

Even after that, there will be plenty to go around.

"Obviously, we've got a huge surplus and we'll have a huge surplus of that material for the foreseeable future."

Guidry says they estimate there is between 10 and 15,000 tons of silt left behind by the Red River at the Arthur Ray Teague public boat launch alone, and he expects there to be even more at the Stoner boat launch on the Shreveport side when the water finally recedes.

That's because Stoner is at a lower elevation, and there is still water over the parking lot and ramp itself. The material there will need to dry out before work can begin to remove it.

The RRWC has 20 public boat launches that will need extensive cleanup before they can be re-opened.

Those interested in picking up some silt for themselves may do so, but Guidry warns those who do to communicate with RRWC staff on any sites where cleanup is under way.

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