Oscar winner Joyce takes "Booger" back to 4th grade

Oscar winner Joyce takes "Booger" back to 4th grade
KSLA's Doug Warner talking with Bill Joyce
KSLA's Doug Warner talking with Bill Joyce

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) - Boogers are no longer taboo in school. And it only took an Oscar winner to bring change.

"This is where everything happened," say Bill Joyce says, while pointing to the doors of A.C. Steere Elementary School in Shreveport. It is where Joyce says he launched his literary career way back in the 60's.

"I was in the 4th grade and entered a contest about writing a book," explains Joyce. He says through the course of his career, which includes dozens of book, and short and full length animated films, Joyce often shares the story of how his writing career first began with a book he wrote for the school contest called, 'I am Billy's Booger'.

"It stirred up everything. It was awesome," said Joyce.

He didn't win the contest, but his book about a booger with super powers which came from inside the nose of a little boy named Billy, was a huge hit with other A.C. Steere students. It was placed in the library with the other books from the contest. But 'Billy's Booger' was checked out more than any other.

"I got noticed for it," brags Joyce about the attention from fellow students. But he got attention of another kind from the front office and the principal.

"They were like, you definitely have some talent or something. We don't want to squash that. But at the same time, you're creating havoc," remembers Joyce.

Now 45 years, principal Kim Derrick welcomed Joyce back with open arms. She took him on a flashback tour through A.C. Steere, including a trip to the school's new library.

"It's taken a long time. But I've gone back to the 4th grade and instead of getting in trouble, I think I'm getting an A."

And a place back in the school library, where Billy's Booger once sat so many years before.

"The Oscars are so surreal and bigger than life," says Joyce. "That's a different kind of excitement. This is like, this feels so right."

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