High school officials set to strike

High school officials set to strike

Contract talks between the organization representing Louisiana High School officials and the LHSAA broke down Tuesday night, opening the possibility of a strike.

Tuesday in Baton Rouge, LHSAA executive director Eddie Bonine met the Louisiana High School Officials Association to discuss pay increases for officials.

Bonine says the officials requested pay increases would cost schools approximately 1,800 more dollars.

The high school principals must vote on and approve those raises but have been reluctant to do so.

Bonine met with and made a proposal to the officials organization that they take his word on having those increases in place by the fall of 2016, but the officials association declined.

Bonine believes many schools can find that money, they need time to prepare the budget, which is why he's asking for another year to work with school superintendents to prepare costs.

The meeting ended abruptly with the officials reiterating its demand that LHSAA schools sign contracts for a raise or they will not officiate games.

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