Piece of original World Trade Center to have home in Bossier City

Piece of original World Trade Center to have home in Bossier City

BOSSIER CITY, LA (KSLA) - A piece of 9/11 history will be put up in Bossier City Tuesday morning to honor the memory of those whose lives were lost during the 2001 terror attack.

A 16-foot steel beam from the World Trade Center towers will become a permanent part of the landscape at Liberty Garden in the Bossier City Municipal Complex on Benton Road at 10 a.m.

The beam was recovered from Ground Zero in New York City.

The artifact will be temporarily parked on its trailer in the front parking lot of Bossier Civic Center for a brief ceremony and photo opportunities.

Then, it will be moved to its permanent display home at the Liberty Garden, between the Bossier City fire and police departments.

. Escorted by police, a piece of history made its way through the streets of Bossier City on Tuesday.

"As the towers collapsed what was the price that we paid in lives," said 307 Bomb Wing Vice Wing Commander Trey Morriss.

The beam holds within its twisted structure memories that were unlocked through sight and touch.

"I didn't realize what my response would be until I did approach this just a few minutes ago and put my hand on it and very emotional for me," said Morriss.

Morriss was a captain in the Air Force stationed at Barksdale during September 11. He and his team were some of the first to respond overseas after the attacks. He says placing the beam on display at Liberty Garden will keep the memory of that tragic day alive.

"It's a visual reminder a teaching moment there is a whole generation that has grown up now that wasn't even born when this happened," said Morriss.

For nearly 4 years, Keep Bossier Beautiful President Tom Lawson has been working to get the beam to Bossier City.

Lawson say he was inspired after seeing Project Indianapolis, a memorial comprised of twisted pieces of metal from the Twin Towers.

"It moved me," Lawson said. "As you moved toward the metal you felt the energy and I felt we needed it for our 9/11 memorial in Bossier City."

"It was Friday the 13th in February and I got the email, from the World Trade Center saying hey we got your piece ready," said Lawson.

Although the artifact was ready in February. The city had to secure insurance for the artifact as well as arranging transportation from New York to Bossier City. The piece will soon be a permanent part of the landscape locally.

"The terrorists tried to destroy our nation and this was just an artifact that was part of that," said Keep Bossier Beautiful President Tom Lawson.

An artifact that's twisted and bent but proves America is not broken.

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