Les Maison residents not letting guard down

Les Maison residents not letting guard down

ARKLATEX (KSLA) - Residents in the Les Maison subdivision who were greatly affected by Red River floodwaters aren't letting their guard down just yet.

Rain associated with Tropical Storm Bill is already making itself known here in the ArkLaTex. For many residents cleaning up in Les Maison, more rain is the last thing they want to see.

"We're just, you know, kind of disappointed," said Kellie Simpson.

Simpson and neighbors are watching the weather closely knowing the potential threat from Tropical Storm Bill.

"We're trying to prepare for that. We're definitely not taking down out walls. If anything, we're reinforcing them and building a bigger wall," she said.

National Weather Service Hydrologist Craig Ross says although TS Bill may not bring the wind that tropical systems are known for, it's the Red River that he's worried about.

"Heavy rainfall will develop again over the Red River Basin, and likely result in a new rise developing," he explained.

Not only a rise in river levels, but a rise that may result in more flooding.

"We're very concerned that a new crest will develop on the Red River that could rival the crest that we most recently had," he said.

It may not be the rain we see in the ArkLaTex to cause this new crest. It would be upstream lakes and reservoirs.

"There's no room left in these lakes for additional flood waters," said Ross.

He's watching several upstream lakes such as Texoma, Hugo and Millwood.

Back in Les Maison, they are preparing for round two should this forecast come true.

"We got through this one and I think we can get through another one," said Simpson.

Ross says the last time the Red River had two major crests in one year may date as far back as 1849. That summer, the flood on the Red caused the river to change course.

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